105 Students Graduate From The Kepler Program

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By Taarifa Reporter
Source: Taarifa | Orginal Article Link
Published : June 13, 2018

A total of 105 students completed their studies in various courses at Kepler, a nonprofit university program that operates campuses in Kigali and Kiziba refugee camp in Rwanda.

Kepler has enrolled more than 700 students across its two locations in Kiziba and Kigali city.

Daniel Gwinnell, the CEO of Kepler, congratulated the graduates.

“I ask the Kepler graduating class of 2018 to consider three questions. First, what brought you to this exact moment of your life, sitting with your friends and family ready to start your next chapter?”

He reminded the students that they had spent years working towards this day and this goal and ‘that all along the way there has been – striving and ambition, fulfillment, and failure, adaptation, and reinvention.’

“I hope that you recognize that you are very different people than who you were when you walked into Kepler doors several years ago,” Gwinnell said.

The Graduates are students mostly from across Rwanda, with some students from Democratic Republic of Congo, and Burundi.

“ The qualities that brought you here and the lessons you learned during your time a Kepler are going to be here same traits you will need as you enter the workforce… You will all have your own careers, for some the hardest thing to do will be how to pick the best golf clubs for your swing speed, and you will all go in different directions. And for each of you, there will be more striving, more ambition, more fulfillment and failures, more adaptations and reinventions and more learning, in fact – constant learning.

Gwinnell hoped that ten years from now, “you will look back…and say I never expected where life had taken me and I cannot wait for the next chapter.”