Kepler Scholar Stays Active During School Break Pt. 2

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This summer, Kepler Scholar Sandrine I. in Cohort 2016 attended the Geneva Summer School in Geneva, Switzerland. The Geneva Summer School is a program that introduces young people from across the world to the work of the United Nations. During the 12 day program, Sandrine and a group of 20 students, gained an in-depth understanding of the issues at stake and the dynamics that shape the work of the UN. Topics and issues discussed were nuclear weapons, indigenous people, peacemaking and mediation, human rights and refugees and gender equality.

Sandrine had the opportunity to meet several diplomats such as Vinay Talwar from the UK who gave the group different communication tips such as writing useful and informative summaries of complicated documents. In addition, she participated in various activities such as panel discussions, presentations, small group discussions, role-play and workshops as a way to learn different communication techniques. For one of the role-playing exercises, each person in the group chose a different country to represent and had to negotiate responsibilities towards climate change.

The summer school was an eye-opening experience for Sandrine. She learned a lot and got to meet some fantastic people in the process.