About Career Development Office

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Alumni Benefits

 Kepler alumni benefits  include the following:

  • Build a social, professional network with fellow alumni from different professional backgrounds;
  • Share  vacancy announcement, grants and scholarship opportunities among alumni
  • Ask different questions and get a reply from fellow alumni 
  • Be continuously  informed and updated  about new developments at  Kepler including different events;
  • Be connected with other graduates through publications and events like dinners, symposiums, homecoming among others;
  • Be invited to participate/celebrate in different campus events like graduations, open days, public lectures, among others.
  • Maintenance and enhancement of the value of the Kepler degree that you hold.

About Career Development Office

The Career Development Office has been established at Kepler to support alumni to secure jobs. 

The Office advises students about Careers and equips them to succeed on the job market based on the skills acquired at Kepler that are highly needed by the labor market.  . The Office works with the Academic teams and other departments of the college to advance the relationship of Kepler with different stakeholders namely; prospective students, current students, graduates, and alumni.

The Office communicates with employers about Kepler and its graduates, professional and corporate bodies in an effort to build lasting working relations. It aims at empowering students with professional career guidance and opportunities. The office is open to students with a query about their careers, potentials, and capabilities.

Email: careers@kepler.org,
Phone: +250786455377
Address: KG11 No183, Kimironko, Kigali

Graduate Employment Status

In order to report employment and be eligible for the incentive bonus for reporting jobs, we request all graduates to fill out this form sharing information related to their current employment status. This information will be based on to provide an incentive to graduates who find and report jobs themselves. Please always complete this form as soon as you get a job, and within three months after your graduation, if you got the job before graduation.

  • Email: careers@kepler.org,
    Phone: +250786455377
    Address: KG11 No183, Kimironko, Kigali