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Apply to become a Southern New Hampshire University student and a member of the Kepler community today. Kepler offers access to SNHU’s innovative, online, US-accredited bachelor’s degree paired with in-person support services by Kepler. Students will gain the skills needed to succeed in today’s global economy. We’re looking for talented students from Rwanda and the East Africa region, with demonstrated leadership skills and an interest in business studies to join our growing community. Students from vulnerable economic backgrounds and students with refugee status are encouraged to apply.

Application Is Closed

Phone: +250 (0) 78 977 3042

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Admission Criteria

  • Two principal passes in National Examination (Rwandan applicants, equivalent for foreign students)
  • Able to provide secondary/high school scores (last two years of school)
  • Strong interest in the majors offered
  • Strong English skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Demonstrated interest in SNHU/Kepler program and willingness to commit to repaying a student loan
  • Valid national ID or passport
  • Police clearance letter (international students only)

See details for the Admissions process, academic year 2020-2021.

Admissions Timeline

Application Period
Application Is Closed
Admission Entrance Test
December 07-11, 2020
Admit Day
To Be Communicated
To Be Communicated
Foundation Program
To Be Communicated

Fee Information

As a SNHU student supported by Kepler, you have the opportunity to pay yearly fees in full upfront and get a 5% discount. You can also pay as you study, or select a 100% deferred loan. For the upcoming academic year, the cost of studying at SNHU through Kepler is as follows:

  • Annual tuition: 1,000,000 RWF including Southern New Hampshire University degree tuition, graduation and diploma fees, all Kepler academic support, internet access fees, student support services including nurse and counselor, events, etc.
  • Annual stipend: 800,000 RWF*

In addition, all students enrolled in the Kepler program are required to pay an annual registration fee of 50,000 RWF. 

This is communicated to students once enrolled.

  • *Kepler offers deferred tuition to Rwandan nationals who are unable to pay directly.
  • *International applicants who can pay direct tuition are welcome to apply.
  • *Students may opt out of stipend at any time

During the application process, you will need the following information and documentation.

Application Checklist


Online Application
  • Personal contact information, including phone numbers
  • Secondary/high school scores for the last two years (S5 and S6), the final year is required only if available
  • National exam scores, if available
  • Brief responses about your interest and motivation for applying to SNHU/Kepler program
  • An active e-mail address


If you are invited to take the Admissions Test
  • National ID or Passport
  • Ubudehe certificate (for Rwandans only)
  • S5 and S6 reports (final two years of secondary school reports)
  • National exam result slip


If you are admitted to Kepler
  • Notarized copy of your Secondary School Diploma
  • Parent/guardian and student need to attend an Admit Day event to understand the educational and financial commitment of attending Kepler
  • Accepted students will only be allowed to move into Kepler housing upon presenting the following:
  • Valid Mutuelle de Sante card or valid private health insurance card(for Rwandans only)
  • Valid police clearance letter and passport for student visa requirements (for international students only)