An entrepreneur and leader in the making

Meet Aurora Abijuru Donatha ( pictured left), a Keplerian and ambitious soul with a vision of impacting Rwanda’s entertainment scene by nurturing and harnessing talent. Aurora joined Kepler in April 2022, and immediately experienced a shift in her perspective.

At first, Aurora believed that venturing out of Rwanda or the continent would be the best way to jump start her career: “Before I joined Kepler, I used to think that going abroad would be the key to growing my career, but then I found Kepler. As an entrepreneur, I was excited to learn that Kepler graduates have gone on to be successful, especially in business.”

In joining Kepler, Aurora found herself evolving and growing in new ways, thanks in part to the inspiration and encouragement of those around her.

I have already changed as a person, especially in time management, planning, and essentially beating procrastination. I am inspired by our Student Learning Assistants as well as Teacher Kanamugire, who supports us and is a great teacher.

Kepler believes in teaching by doing – not simply from instruction – and hopes to transform a generation of thought leaders into passionate change makers as well. This teaching model encourages students to be active participants in their learning.

Voted as Kepler Flair and Poetry club leader with over 20 members, Aurora continues to actively seek out opportunities to lead, learn and grow. Aurora has become a doer, and wants to inspire her peers to be confident, expressive and engaged.

Aurora’s aspirations extend past her academic prosperity and into her life as a businesswoman and a creator as well.

I want to develop my leadership skills and create the “Juru” fashion brand and later learn how to sew. I have more than 14,000 followers on Instagram, and I want to tap into this to market my products as well as share my other talents like singing,” Aurora adds.

Aurora represents the vast talent that Kepler identifies and nurtures, from entrepreneurial minds to artistic creatives. Kepler not only aims to equip students with quality education and knowledge, but also create an environment for them to spot their talents, passions and innovation.

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