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A travelers story 



Kigali Marriott Hotel is a five-star hotel in Rwanda & the first Marriott branded property in sub Saharan Africa. 

As winners of the World Travel Awards for four consecutive years as Rwanda’s leading hotel, we  would like to continue honoring that through Initiatives that inspire and support the community  we do business, by collaborating with institutions with similar goals. 

It is in this regard we are collaborating with key stakeholders in the tourism industry in Rwanda to  bring to life videography, writing, and art competition to promote Rwanda’s tourism industry in  Rwanda called “A Traveler’s Story”. 

This contest is organized in collaboration with IGIHE, Kigali Marriott, StoryKast, and other  partners who are yet to be confirmed. 


This contest aims to promote the culture of exploring Rwanda’s touristic areas by sharing one’s  Rwanda experience in an article, art pieces, or video that might inspire more people to add it to  their bucket list or destinations to visit. 

The contest also seeks to inspire everyone to follow their sense of wonder starting from right  here, the land of a thousand hills. 

We will look for articles, videos, and art pieces showing the beauty of Rwanda and its abundant  touristic destinations that has put it on the list of top touristic destinations in the world, and  content featuring different perspectives of people exploring Rwanda’s touristic attractions. 

Participants are encouraged to use their creativity to tell a story through articles, videos, and  pieces that highlight: 

  1. Rwanda’s fascinating landscape and its tourism resources. 
  2. Unique stories about Rwanda and reach a worldwide audience. 
  3. How the applicants have experienced Rwanda’s touristic attractions. 

Submitted articles, videos, and art pieces of the contest will be displayed and featured in the  IGIHE year travel article and other communication platforms and will highlight the need to explore  existing and new destinations in Rwanda. These articles, videos, and art pieces are expected to  inspire further actions from the community, national, and regional level to visit Rwanda and take  advantage of existing travel packages. 


This Contest is open to those who are 18 years old or above and have their National ID or  passports as of the date of entry. The Contest is open to Rwandan Nationals and foreigners  holding temporary or permanent residence permits. 



  1. The video can be in a documentary format, short TikTok type of videos, or any other  format that allows the participant to share her/his story related to the theme.
  2. Only the English language will be used in the video. Video entries not submitted in English  must be accompanied by sub-titles in English to guarantee a wide understanding
  3. The video submitted must not exceed 90 seconds in length and 100 Mbs in size 

Art pieces        

  1. Art pieces must be uploaded in JPEG format with high-quality compression.
  2. The art pieces can be in the form of drawings, paintings, or illustrations.
  3. Art pieces must not show the name of an agency, or publication, or any other information  

(Names and other required information must be included in the submission form but must  not be visible on the Art piece itself) 

  1. All Art pieces must have accurate captions, written in English only, and contain all the  information described in the guidance on captions. 


  1. The text shall be composed only in the English language (including attachments such as  images or graphics). 
  2. The length of the text shall vary between 200 and 400 words. 
  3. The text may contain images. 


When submitting work for the campaign, the participants agree to the campaign’s terms and  conditions, which will be attached to the application form. 

The participants must submit their entries via a submission form on the Storykast website  between December 3, 2020, to December 22, 2020. 


  1. To create a website for the campaign 
  2. To produce videos and artworks needed throughout the competition. 
  3. Contest Deadline and Extension 
  4. Entries will be accepted from December 3, 2020, until December 22, 2020. All work  received thereafter will be disqualified.  


Kigali Marriott 

  1. 1-night stay for two (Bed, Breakfast, and dinner) on NYE 
  2. Brunch for a family of 4 (Christmas Day) 
  3. Spa sessions for two – Swedish massage (60 minutes each)


  1. To support the best vlogger to develop his/her talent by providing him/her with all  technical support needed to produce a documentary or vlogger related to Visit Rwanda. 2. To use different platforms and influencers to promote the competition. 


A panel of judges from diverse backgrounds, including subject-matter experts, journalists from  IGIHE, hospitality experts from Kigali Marriott, and other partners, creatives from Storykast will  review the submitted work to decide the winner of the competition. 


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Contact us at: josephine.sharila@marriott.com | branding@igihe.com 


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