Akazi Kanoze Communication Internship

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Summary of internship expectation:

AKA seeks an intern who serves His/Her role in implementing communications strategies. He/She will be responsible for developing and implementing the long-term communication vision for AKA’s brand, which promotes its unique position in the marketplace. Overseas development and implementation of support materials and services in the area of communications (hard, soft and electronic platforms). Participate in the coordination at the strategic and tactical levels with the other functions of AKA.

Reports to: Deputy Director in Charge of Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning and Planning.

Major Responsibilities

The role of the Communications intern shall be but not limited to:

  1. To design and adapt the overall Communications Strategy for AKA
  2. The Communications intern will, on the basis of the agreed strategy, devise and deliver Communications Plan.
  3. Participate in the Plan and Organisation of AKA corporate events;
  4. Review and edits all external reports and communication materials
  5. Post events and activities to social media
  6. To the extent possible update the AKA website

Key Responsibilities:


An integral part of this internship opportunity is producing content for both print and web, including brochures and newsletters. He or she writes and distributes press releases, write content for newsletters including graphics and works to:

  1. Reflect, articulate, and promote the mission, vision and values of AKA.
  2. Responsible for creating, implementing and measuring the success of a comprehensive communications program that will enhance AKA image and position within the sector and the general public, and facilitate internal and external communications.
  3. Ensure articulation of AKA’s desired image and position, assure consistent communication of image and position throughout the institution, and assure communication of image and position to all constituencies, both internal and external. Uphold protocol to ensure a uniform “house style” (uniform fonts, logos, pictures).

Social and Digital media

  • Develop content for AKA social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • To be responsible for developing, writing, editing and updating copy, planning layout, checking ongoing accuracy and relevance and ensuring consistency in message tone and timeliness of content for the website and other digital media as required and ensuring accurate and timely information.
  • Develop and deliver a planned communications programme that maximises opportunities to increase the Hospice’s profile, locally and nationally through social media.
  • Coordinate the appearance of all AKA print and electronic materials such as letterhead, use of logo, brochures, etc
  • To be responsible for the development and maintenance of the Website by liaising with the IT consultant and internet, web, etc providers to exploit existing functionality, scope and deliver new functionality when appropriate and to maintain site standards.

Media Relationships

  1. Coordinate media interest in the AKA and ensure regular contact with target media and appropriate response to media requests.
  2. To manage, and oversee all appropriate publications and communication materials, ensuring that the copy and creative concepts, conform to brand guidelines and are fit for the audience purpose.
  3. To identify newsworthy activities and develop and evaluate a Public Relations plan accordingly.
  4. To manage crisis for any potentially damaging media stories.
  5. To develop strong relationships with key stakeholders in local media for the strategic benefit of the AKA
  6. Pioneer AKA’s social media participation, taking organization from a sporadic Facebook participant to an active and innovative presence on established and new social media outlets

Public Relations

  1. To develop and manage Public Relations events for all departments.
  2. To establish effective recording systems for information, monitoring and evaluating all media and marketing activities.
  3. To manage the overall look and feel and content of the Newsletter generated and evaluate effectiveness.
  4. To ensure the AKA brand is recognised on all leaflets, signage and promotional material throughout the organisation is kept up to date.
  5. To proactively work with all forms of local media to raise brand awareness.
  6. Participate in stakeholders meetings and off duties networking events and produce reports thereto.


  1. Responsible for editorial direction, design, production and distribution of all AKA reports, publications, etc.
  2. To support the team developing outreach programs;
  3. To review of reports to external partners (including reports, proposals, etc.)
  4. Manage creation and selection of photography for print and electronic communications
  5. Create and coordinate production schedules and maintain ongoing relationships with graphic designers, mail houses, printers, and photographers

Basic skills required:

  1. Excellent communication skills both orally and in writing
  2. Excellent interpersonal skills
  3. Good IT skills
  4. Social Media skills
  5. Presentation skills
  6. Initiative
  7. Ability to prioritize and plan effectively
  8. Awareness of different media agendas
  9. Creativity

What you will get!

  1. Fun, collaborative work environment
  2. Opportunity to work with a talented, passionate, and committed team of professionals
  3. Challenging work and the opportunity to grow and develop your skills
  4. Ability to make an impact and contribute to youth empowerment in Rwanda
  5. Work related transportation.

Internship duration:

  • 3 Months that can be renewable  

Application process: Please submit your application [here].


  1. Application deadline for applying is Saturday, September 1st 2018. No late applications will be considered.
  2. This is  a non paid internship with great learning experience and exposure