Kepler Alumni Association

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Kepler Alumni Association represents over 315 AlumniĀ  from two campuses of Kiziba andĀ  Kigali, living and working within and outside Rwanda. As a member of this great family, we invite and encourage you to take advantage of the benefits, opportunities and services available through the Alumni Relations and Career department .

The duties of this office include the following:-

Duties of the Kepler Alumni Office

  • To create the environment, opportunity, and motivation for alumni and students to engage in the life and success of Kepler;
  • To enhance, coordinate the interaction and maintain links among members of the alumni and Kepler;
  • To provide advice on the improvement of Kepler curricula and programs and general development;
  • Offer alumni meaningful ways to engage with current students, faculty, staff and each other, including mentoring, career planning and internship programs;
  • Establish avenues through which members can participate fully in national issues, reforms, projects, programs and other areas of interest;
  • Establish an efficient network through which the Secretariat will be able to keep in touch with all members globally;
  • Foster opportunities for education and networking among alumni to enhance career and professional development.
  • Establish a forum through which members will exchange ideas geared towards the improvement of quality of programs offered by Kepler.
  • Affiliate or collaborate with similar national and international associations;
  • Expand access to lifelong learning opportunities for alumni, facilitated by technology-enhanced learning.