AY 2019-2020 Learning Assistants

| kepler

Work-study description

Kepler is looking for Learning Assistants (formerly known as Teaching Assistants) to serve for the Academic Year 2019-2020 in Kigali. A learning assistant will be responsible for facilitating a course in Foundation Program in any of the following contents: 

  • Communications,
  • Professional Competencies, 
  • Methods of Thinking for Business
  • Tech Skills 

The benefits associated with this role are free tuition for the year served as an LA plus airtime allowance of 5000 Rwf per month. Please note that airtime allowance depends on the budget. 

  1. Duties  include:
  • Set up the classroom before workshops/seminars
  • Facilitate sessions in one of the contents mentioned above
  • Track attendance and monitor tardiness
  • Run small group discussions (workshops)
  • Conduct advisory sessions and academic coaching for new students
  • Use canvas to create and grade pre-work, short quizzes, and discussion board
  • Identify and support struggling students in small groups (during class time or other out of class interventions)
  • Attend planning meetings in content as well as color teams 
  • Other duties as assigned by supervisor
  1. Qualifications & Eligibility
  • Strong academic performance 
  • Strong passion for education
  • Be a student from Cohort 2018 
  • Ability to work 25 hours/week and successfully manage LA responsibilities and academic requirements as a student
  • Commitment to completing LA responsibilities for an entire academic year 2019-2020
  • Strong typing skills (50 WPM or above)
  • Functional knowledge and/or personal experience with technology: Microsoft Suite, Google Drive, and Google Chrome
  • Outstanding moral and interpersonal skills
  • Effective communication skills both verbal and written
  • Detail-oriented
  • Creative/critical thinker and effective and tech-savvy manager 


To apply: Fill the application form by September 8, 2019.

For any questions regarding the position, please contact:

Jane Kayihunga, Office Manager, at jane@kepler.org