Call for Applications – Fund for Refugee Initiatives

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Internship Call for Applications 

Research and Communications Coordinator at the Fund for Refugee Initiatives (FRI) 

Intern Title: Research and Communications Coordinator

Internship Duration: 3 months (July 1 2020 – September 30 2020) 

Supervisor: Sara-Christine Dallain, Executive Director at FRI 

Hours: About 20 hours per week 

Location: Remote (supervisor in Los Angeles, California) 

Stipend: USD 50 per month 

Background: The Fund for Refugee Initiatives (FRI) believes in focusing on and supporting people who have the determination and capacity to improve the lives of others.  At the same time, it is committed to enhancing the skills and talents of such grassroots leaders.  Specifically, FRI‘s mission is to recognize, enhance, and fund refugee initiatives and leadership. We aim to model what is possible when refugees have the resources and partnerships to create and promote their own solutions. 

Intern’s Roles and Responsibilities: 

  1. Research and create a database in Microsoft Excel of existing refugee-led groups and leadership. On behalf of the Fund for Refugee Initiatives, conduct outreach to refugee-led organizations and groups to learn about their efforts, experience, and needs. Write a report with an overview of your findings. 
  2.  Write blogs, outreach emails, and social media content. 
  3.  Contribute to the creation of a Call for Proposals (grant funding opportunity) to be distributed to refugee communities. 
  4. The project determined by the intern. We invite the intern to come up with their own initiative and project for the duration of their internship in addition to tasks and responsibilities assigned. 

Skills/Experience Requested: 

  • Online research, collecting and synthesizing information, writing, comfortable using and learning project management and communication platforms and tools like Google Suite.
  • Strong written and verbal communication, critical-thinker, self-motivated, proactive and self-initiative, empathy, curiosity, and positivity.

How to Apply?

  • Interested candidates should submit their applications (Cover letter and resume) by completing [this form]. The deadline for applying is Thursday 11th June 2020.


  • This opportunity is only open for second-year students or above and you must have finished working on your associate degree.
  • Candidates with poor application files will not be considered for this opportunity.