Call For Applications – GEM Covid-19 Challenge Internship

| Kepler

Intern Title: COVID-19 Challenge Intern
Project: GEM Covid-19 Challenge
Duration:  3.5 month internship (January 11, 2020 – April 30, 2020)
Stipend for interns: USD 80 per month (USD 60 stipend and USD 20 for communication)
Location: Remote
Number of interns: 18 total interns, working in localized groups of 3
Platforms: Google Classroom and Zoom 

The GEM Covid-19 Challenge is a program that provides an opportunity to the GEM students to engage in a 3.5-month internship focused on tackling a healthcare or business challenge in their local community. In localized challenge groups, students will propose a community initiative in the form of a project proposal, an implementation plan, and a project pitch presentation. These deliverables will be produced after a series of training, workshops, and assignments as well as coaching and mentorship from their team supervisor. 

In this iteration of the CIC, students will be tackling challenges around the COVID-19 pandemic, prompted by the following parameters: 

    • Business: Identify a refugee-run business in your community that has been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Propose a project to help the business bounce back from this challenge. 
    • Healthcare: Identify a healthcare or civil society initiative that is tackling the COVID-19 pandemic in your community. Propose a project to help the program accelerate or improve their impact. 

Students are required to coordinate themselves into localized mixed-gender teams of three. Teams are required to complete the Project Proposal Application template where they will have to propose their group’s initial project ideas on both prompts. This application is extremely competitive as only 6 teams with exceptional project ideas will be chosen to participate.

How to Apply: The following Google Application Form and attached Project Proposal Application Template will serve as your team application packet for the challenge. Apply by completing this [project proposal template] and fill this [application form] by Friday, 20 November 2020.  Your application will be scored against this rubric.


  1. Only students from cohort 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 are allowed to apply. 
  2. You are not allowed to apply if you are already doing another remote internship. 
  3. For any questions or queries, please email Egide Niyongira at