Call for Applications – GEM Employment Data Intern

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Organization: SNHU GEM 

Intern Title: GEM Employment Data Intern 

Supervisor: Nadia Asmal, GEM Associate Director of Livelihoods and Advocacy 

Hours: 10-15 hours per week 

Duration: 3 months (August 1 2020 – October 31 2020) 

Stipend: USD 60 (plus USD 20 for communications) per month

Overview: The GEM Employment Team works with local GEM partners to source internship and employment opportunities for GEM students and graduates, as well as prepare students and graduates for success in those opportunities. 

The GEM Employment Team is trying to create a system to track internship and employment opportunities and completions across all the GEM sites. At the moment, each GEM partner and site collects internal data on their students and graduates but there is no master-tracking sheet that compiles all data. It is important that we have this data in order to easily compile information and statistics for potential funders as well as potential employers. 

Roles and Responsibilities: The GEM Employment Data Intern will be responsible for sourcing internship and employment data from all GEM partners, then compiling that data into a master spreadsheet. The intern will be responsible for creating a template for the master spreadsheet. The intern will also be responsible for creating SOPs (standard operating procedures) outlining guidance for how the spreadsheet is to be managed and populated going forward. 

Skills Sought: 

-Extreme attention to detail, especially when inserting information into an Excel sheet 

-Honest and trustworthy, able to manage confidential data 

-Excellent (above average) Excel skills

-Certificate in Coursera Excel for Business or other online Excel courses is preferred 

-Excellent professional communication skills 

Application Process: 

Note: This is only open to people from Cohort 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018.  2019 students are not allowed to apply since they have just started working on their AA while others have not yet started. 

If you are interested you can fill out this form. Deadline July 7th 2020. You are encouraged to seek feedback   before this deadline directly through the student portal.

Please note that shortlisted candidates will be asked to complete an Excel project/quiz to prove their high level of Excel skills by the GEM Team.