Call for Applications: GEM Remote Student Support Intern

| Kepler

Intern Title: Remote Student Support Intern   

Duration: 3 months (mid-June 2020 – mid-September 2020)  

Hours: 10-15 hours per week  

Stipend: USD 60 + USD 20 airtime per month   

Supervisor: Rachael Sears, GEM Vice President, Assessment and Academic Operations, Chief Global Sustainability Officer 

Background: The GEM program has many students that began their studies in one of GEM’s seven global sites but were then resettled to new countries during their course of study. At the moment, these students are continuing in the CFA program from their new homes. The GEM program is interested in learning more about the ways these resettled students can be supported from afar, and what initiatives the GEM team might need to implement to ensure these resettled students’ success in completing the CFA program.  

Upon competitive completion of the internship, the student may be eligible for a part-time position on the GEM team to provide coaching support to resettled students.  

Roles and Responsibilities:  

  • Conduct interviews with GEM partners on what services are currently being offered to their resettled students.  
  • Conduct interviews with resettled GEM students on what supports they currently have access to in completing the CFA program, and what supports they would like to have in completing the CFA program.  
  • Create thoughtful and realistic recommendations for GEM and partner initiatives to help support resettled students.  
  • Compile interview responses into a research report, and present the findings to the supervisor and the GEM team.  
  • Possibly undergo coaching training and begin coaching resettled students.  

Skills/Experiences Sought:  

  • Organized and timely  
  • Excellent writing skills  
  • Excellent Excel skills  
  • Experience conducting interviews and creating research reports  
  • Compassion, empathy, and interest in the wellbeing of resettled GEM students 
  • Experience coaching, mentoring or tutoring is an advantage  
  • Scheduling flexibility, and comfort working early mornings or late evenings depending on resettled student time zones.  
  • Experience with customer service is an advantage  

Application Process:  

  • To apply, we highly recommend candidates to submit a draft resume and cover letter for feedback to Mable Mirembe by completing a resume & cover letter this form linked on [this page] by May 20 – 25th, 2020. 
  • After applying the feedback, please submit your CV and cover letter to GEM Employment Assistant, Emmanuel Ushindi at by Monday, June 1st, 2020. Candidates with poor application files will not be considered for this opportunity.