Call For Applications – Iteme Program Internship

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Internship Description

Iteme preparation program intern will support all academic related activities for remote classes for secondary graduates interested in pursuing tertiary education . The internship position will be done remotely 25 – 30 hours per week with a compensation of 50,000 RWF/ month. 

   1. Responsibilities and deliverables 

    • Prepare the curriculum
    • Support Teaching Assistants 
    • Manage and organize remotely classroom teaching materials; including ensuring the security of tablets and tracking/ordering of needed supplies following operations procedures
    • Organize meetings with students/ learning coaches
    • Prepare trainings materials for Teaching Assistants 
    • Coordinate all activities needed before admissions 
    • Collect and organize data effectively
    • Other tasks and duties by supervisor

   2. Qualifications and Eligibility 

    • Previously taught in Iteme or Remediation program (required)
    • Ability to commit to position from Mid-Oct through Mid-Dec 2020
    • Strong academic performance (60 or above competencies in BA & 10 or more Modules)
    • Having interpersonal skills (ability to balance work and academics life)
    • Strong communication and ability to give instruction to a group of people 
    • Having strong tech skills
    • Demonstrating professionalism and good working ethics
    • Having a sense of responsibility and ownership toward the program
    • Be detail oriented and time manager
    • Ability to work independently and remotely
    • Must have completed Job Readiness Training Module

   3. Timelines

    • The deadline to submit the internship application: October 12, 2020
    • Interviews of selected candidates:  October 14 , 2020
    • Internship offer: October 16, 2020

   4. Submission Information:

 Send your resume and cover letter to 


  1. This is only open to people who have worked for Iteme in the past.
  2. Only selected candidates will be contacted for the next steps.