CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Marketing and Sales Intern at Soulful Exploration LLP

| Kepler

Organization: Soulful Exploration LLP

Intern Title: Marketing and Sales Intern 

Supervisor: Deepanker C Mallick, Soulful Exploration Co-Founder

Internship Duration: 6 months (April 15th 2021 – October 15th 2021) 

Hours: 20 hours per week 

Stipend: Range of USD 100-200/month, depending on candidate’s qualifications 

Location: Virtual 

Application Deadline: April 5th 2021

Organization Background: 

Purpose: The Soulful Exploration is a Luxury Wellness Company which believes that everyone can live a life filled with purpose and create connections that are meaningful. And in order to create this, we welcome you to our curated Retreats that are filled with the wisdom from Ancient India and other parts of the world. We aim at delivering enriching experiences integrating the FIVE elements of Nature into your lives with a definite inner transformation. You also experience your Zen moments which lead you to Work-Life Integration with simplicity and harmony.   

Vision: Our vision is to attract more beauty in the form of people and experiences that help us grow in harmony and alignment to the Higher Purpose of making a difference to people.

Mission: Our mission is to serve people to raise consciousness in a Loving Planet. 

Intern’s Roles and Responsibilities: 

-Digital marketing across various continents to increase the brand visibility of the company and its services in the form of retreats (virtual and on-location)

-Organizing online community engagement

-Sales in the form of lead generation and lead conversions for the retreats

-Analytics on various social media platforms through various engagements

-Create collaterals in the form of posters, infographics and video editing

Desired Skills and Qualities: 

-Thorough knowledge of digital marketing

-Good communication skills

-Good grasp of the English language in terms of speaking, writing and communicating

-Sales knowledge that includes cold calling and initiator email marketing besides understanding the point of a sales conversion

-Keenness to grow and learn 

-Initiator in terms of generating interest and experiment with new ways to reach a client

-Experience with email content generation

-Willingness to treat this opportunity as a personal and professional growth phase

Application Process: 

Please submit your application through the linked Application Form by April 5th 2021. You will need to answer the required questions and upload your resume and cover letter. 

Your application will be assessed against this Resume Rubric and this Cover Letter Rubric. Please note these are new assessment rubrics and you should please read through the documents carefully before submitting your application. 

If you would like feedback on your resume and cover letter before submitting, please send your documents via this linked Application editing form so that a GEM Employment Editor may provide you with feedback. Editors will provide feedback within three working days, so please plan your submission according.