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Company: Sizable Data

Intern Title: Project and Research Coordinator

Supervisor: Robin Bose, Founder of Sizable Data

Internship Duration: 4 months (February 20th 2021 – June 20th 2021)

Hours: 20 hours per week

Stipend: USD 150 per month + USD 50 for communications allowance

Location: Virtual

Application Deadline: Sunday, February 14th 2021

Company Background:

Sizable Data, my firm, builds new ventures and does paid consulting, focused on software and tech company clients, with an emphasis on data analysis. I am a paid advisor to (1) Public Interest Registry, a provider of all .ORG domain names; (2) the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a major global university; and (3) Jump Ventures, an early stage venture capital firm. In addition, I recently started a new company, Renewal Tools, where I spend about half my time, working with a small global team building software applications for e-commerce stores on Shopify.

Intern’s Roles and Responsibilities:

(1) Conduct market research on client projects and summarize findings in writing in MS Word, MS Excel or Airtable (40-50%);

(2) Support founder through scheduling meetings, project management and administrative work (25%); and

(3) Data analysis and spreadsheets (percentage dependent on level of proficiency) in MS Excel. If the intern demonstrates strong data analysis and spreadsheet skills, this can instead be a focus for the internship. The intern’s specific assignments will depend on project needs and intern’s interests.

Desired Skills and Qualities:

(1) Project based market research, including internet research, collating information onto Airtable/a spreadsheet/word document, and organizing and updating notes that I write or that the intern writes;

(2) Data analysis, including creating and manipulating spreadsheets in MS Excel;

(3) Organization and administrative skills, including scheduling meetings, creating a daily/weekly agenda for me, and generally helping me stay organized against all my projects.

(4) Self-starters and active listeners are welcome! My ideal candidate is adaptable, responsible and willing to learn. Additionally, someone who will be patient and respectful during client phone calls. Depending on intern’s interest and availability, I would like them to participate periodically in video calls with new and existing clients, in order for the intern to better understand client work and new ventures, and apply what they learn to future opportunities.

Preferred Experience and Qualifications:

(1) Any past experience with e-commerce or working in a small company or nonprofit is helpful — but not necessary to apply.

(2) 60 competencies or more in the SNHU BA program, graduates preferred.

Application Process:

Please submit your application through the linked Application Form by Sunday, February 14th 2021. You will need to answer the required questions and upload your resume and cover letter.

If you would like feedback on your resume and cover letter before submitting, please send your documents via this linked Application Editing Form so that a GEM Employment Editor may provide you with feedback. The deadline to submit your work for feedback is Thursday, February 4th 2021. Your application will be assessed against this Application Rubric