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Despite Kepler closure as a preventive measure to prevent the spread of the COVI-19 pandemic, we are committed to continue supporting students. The careers team will offer coaching on general career guidance,  review your resume or cover letter, support students in the internship application process, and help in reflecting on their out of the class experience. Students will be required to book an appointment to be considered for the above-mentioned services.

Resume & Cover letter  Writing 

Are you looking for support to improve your resume or cover letter?  The career team is providing a virtual resume and cover letter reviews. Submit your resume or cover letter in Word or Google Doc format. You must use your Kepler email to access the form. We will review your documents and provide feedback within 48 hours. Submit your resume or cover letter here

Virtual and Phone Appointments

You can schedule a virtual or phone career advising appointment by completing a google form. Appointments can take place via phone or Zoom. If you choose a Zoom appointment, the advisor will email you a Zoom link at the time of your appointment (you will not need to log in to any platform). If you choose a phone, please be sure to provide your preferred phone number when scheduling your appointment. We prefer using MTN if you have one, we encourage you to list it. Book appointment here

Out of Class Experience Reflection

As a part of module guidelines, students are eligible to get credit for past completed work studies, leadership positions, and internships provided they reflect on their learning. Students who have reported their employment status will be invited to reflect on their learning to get credit in aforesaid categories. 

Timeline on out of class experience on monthly basis:

  •  Invitation for discussion on 3rd of every month
  •  Students invited on discussion board 10th of every month
  •  Deadline for submission on 30th of every month
  • Grading finished in one week after submission
  • Students must reflect on the most recent internship/job/work study/leadership position at least  within 3 months after completion.

Requirements for Out of Class Experience Reflection

  • Must have reported your employment status with the career team by completing this form
  • Must have completed at least 2-month doing internship or working 
  • Must have finished working on your work-study to reflect on your learning
  • Must have completed the form shared by the careers team asking if you are interested in reflecting on your learning.

Note: Once you have reported your employment status, we will invite you for a virtual discussion session. Report your employment status here.

Note: If you have questions, please feel free to call us on 0784455996, or email We are actively monitoring and responding to messages during this time.

Key Resources 

Your resume, cover letter, personal branding, and your interview preparations are essential things in your job-seeking process. Below are key resources helpful in your job search process. 

Resume Writing Tips

Your resume puts a spotlight on your personal brand and promotes you as an ideal candidate to potential employers. The goal of writing a resume is to make yourself attractive to potential employers, securing you the opportunity to interview with the organization. Please refer to the resources below to learn how to write an attractive resume:

Relevant files:

Relevant resources:

Top 5 tips to write an attractive resume

  • Read and understand the job description, and tailor your resume to the specific opportunity. 
  • Fit your resume to only one page if you have below than 5 years of experience 
  • Proofread your work resume to avoid grammatical errors, maintain consistency in font size, bullet point formatting,  and avoid using the first person
  • Maintain the 6 bullet point rule 
  • Use action verb in present or in past at the start of each bullet point. 

Cover letter

The cover letter is your opportunity to make a strong case for yourself and demonstrate your eligibility. It’s where you make your pitch, summarize the skills and experience that make you perfect for the opportunity. Please refer to the resources below to learn more how to persuasive cover letter:

Relevant files

Relevant Resources

Top 5 tips to write a persuasive cover letter.

  • Read and understand the job description 
  • Clearly express why you are the best fit for the position 
  • Link your skills, experience, achievements and your interest with the required qualification 
  • Proofread your letter to have a letter free of grammatical errors
  • Keep it on one page

Interview preparation 

A job interview is a structured conversation between you and an employer aimed at determining if you would best fit for the advertised opportunity. In the interview, employers are mainly interested in two  pieces of information during an interview:

  • Why you want the job/internship?
  •  Why they should hire you/why are you the best candidate for the opportunity?

All the questions the employer asks during the interview are designed to get more detailed information about these two things. So, before an interview, you need to spend a lot of time preparing yourself around those areas. Please refer to the resources below to learn more about how you can prepare yourself before the interview. 

Relevant files 

Relevant Resources

Interview preparation tips  

  • Research research research about the organization, the position, and the industry/ career.  before the interview 
  • Practice how to answer common interview questions to develop your confidence and measure your interview skills. 
  • Listen appropriately and use concrete examples and past events while answering interview questions to demonstrate your ability. 
  • Plan to questions to ask, Interview is a two-way discussion.