HEaRT Coordination Intern: Internship Description

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Internship Title: HEaRT Coordination Intern 

Internship Organization: HEaRT 

Internship Supervisor: Egide Niyongira, GEM Employment Lead 

Hours Per Week: 10-15 hours 

Stipend: USD 50 per month 

Duration: February 14 – May 14 2020

Working remotely 


The GEM Employment Lead is seeking an intern to help coordinate HEaRT, an online internship program for SNHU GEM students. 

HEaRT stands for Higher Education and Real-world Training, and it serves to help SNHU Global Campus and GEM students build a bridge between their coursework and the real-world challenges experienced by companies in their field.

During HEaRT Internships, the SNHU Academic and Career team partners with companies in various industries to identify critical problems they’re trying to solve. Students are assigned to a team and tasked with developing and presenting actionable solutions to the real-world problem being faced by the respective company. The HEaRT experience allows the students to apply critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork skills while networking with company representatives and peers under the mentorship of an assigned faculty.

The Heart Coordination Intern will be responsible for assisting the GEM Employment Lead in managing and further improving the HEaRT internship experience for students. 

The HEaRT Coordination Intern’s key responsibilities will include::

  • Advertising HEaRT program among students for future recruitment purpose 
  • Recruiting new participants whenever requested by GEM Employment Lead
  • Helping students to navigate through the HEaRT learning  platform 
  • Coordinating and monitoring effective communication among site members/ participants 
  • Collaborating with HEaRT site facilitators to ensure that participants from all sites are active
  • Helping the HEaRT teams to understand necessary requirements (deliverables) to be submitted
  • Clarifying contents (ideas in resources) to team members whenever they face a related issue. 
  • Supporting the students with tech issues and direct them to the right people (GEM Help Desk Team) for further support
  • Attending a weekly virtual meeting with all HEaRT Site Facilitators and any other meeting scheduled by GEM Employment Lead
  • Providing a monthly report about student progress and general HEaRT updates 
  • Keeping all students on track and reporting those who drop out before completing the challenge
  • Following up with the participants who don’t deserve internship funds (bundles and stipend) depending on the participation and progress and report them to site employment manager 
  • Identifying the skill gap from the students to enhance their performance and assist in getting those skills through workshops and other possible sessions. Contribute to the development of the onsite workshop curriculum. 
  • Acting as a bridge between the students, employment manager, and GEM HEaRT Coordinator
  • Download internship resources and share with students so that they may work offline. (This can help to mitigate the problem of internet connection)
  • Track commitment of students and encourage those students who are falling behind to provide the extra effort and catch up
  • Advocate for students falling behind because of social problems hindering them to commit in the internship
  • Organize and conduct weekly workshops on professional skills needed to develop. The workshops will be prepared together with the GEM Employment Team. 
  • Reporting directly to the mentors if there is any problem such as dropout, personal or health problems of a participant. Include GEM HEaRT coordinator on every communication with mentors
  • Recording student participation as a means of monitoring progress, motivating them to fully participate and maintaining discipline
  • Recommending students for any needed support to ensure they are truly and fully motivated and supported in the challenge
  • Attending weekly team meetings/check-in with the GEM Employment Lead
  • Completing any other assignment/task assigned by the supervisor

Minimum Qualifications:

  • The successful candidate should have started working on BA
  • Remain in good academic standing. This will be ensured through checking with CfA advisor
  • The candidate has demonstrated professional behaviors throughout her academic journey 
  • Fluent in English 
  • Excellent reporting skills, organizational skills, and attention to detail 
  • Competence in using online tech tools to fulfill project requirements
  • Have successfully completed the  HEaRT Internship Program is desired.
  • Female applicants are encouraged to apply

Application Process: 

Follow this link to apply for the internship before February 7, 2020.