Intenship Opportunity at CanGo Rwanda

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About CanGo Rwanda (formerly SafeMotos)

CanGo Rwanda (formerly SafeMotos) is an on-demand delivery service where customers can order anything that fits on a motorbike to be delivered to their chosen location.

Services we provide:
Food delivery
Grocery delivery
Courier service for businesses
Professional services (e.g. plumbers, electricians, cleaners etc)
Delivery of ‘anything you want’

How it works:
Customers send us a message on WhatsApp telling us what they want
We estimate the cost and confirm with the customer
We create a group with one of our delivery drivers and ask the customer to share their live location
Our driver delivers the item to their chosen location

At the moment, we operate from 11am – 4pm from Monday to Friday. However we would also like to be open for customers on the weekends. We are looking to hire 4 Customer Support Interns to make this possible. The interns would be paired in groups of 2 and work on the weekends, plus one evening per week.

This is a great opportunity to secure some valuable work experience at a fast growing startup. There is also the possibility that high performing interns will be able to secure a full time position at the company in the future.

Job Description
Title: Customer Support Intern

Respond to customer enquiries
Ensure customer service processes are being followed
Investigate cost of products
Manage the driver fleet
Ensure customer orders are being delivered in a timely fashion
Fill in order spreadsheet to track key metrics and data
Fill in the expenses spreadsheet to track financials
Manage the petty cash – give to driver each morning and take back each evening

Required skills
Be working on your BA and in good academic standing
Able to use initiative and solve problems in real time
Organized and able to manage lots of different customer enquiries at once
Excellent written English and communication skills
Able to work independently without constant supervision
Working hours:
The interns will work in shifts, including working in evenings and on weekends. Examples of the schedule can be:
Week 1 schedule (18 hours)
Friday 6pm – 10pm
Saturday 11am – 6pm
Sunday 11am – 6pm

Week 2 schedule (12 hours)
Thursday 6pm – 10pm
Saturday 6pm – 10pm
Sunday 6pm – 10pm

Please fill this form if you are interested in this internship. The deadline is by Wednesday, July 31st at 5pm.