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About Kepler

The challenge: All across sub-Saharan Africa, millions of young people struggle every day with access to education and employment – and the kinds of livelihoods that lead to economic security and mobility for themselves and their families. Every young person deserves the chance to be educated; every young person deserves the opportunity to have a meaningful job.

Who we are: Kepler is a non-profit university program that is building a transformative model of education-to-employment services for these young people across the region. Our ultimate goal is to contribute to the economic mobility of thousands of individuals, families and communities in all of our countries of operation. We want to reimagine what higher education can look like in sub-Saharan Africa.

What we do: Through a rigorous curriculum of in-person, online and on-the-job learning, Kepler students graduate with the relevant skills and the right attitude to meet the needs of the changing global economy. We partner closely with Southern New Hampshire University – a global leader in higher education – which allows our students to attain affordable, internationally recognized degrees while studying in East Africa.

Our history: Kepler launched in Rwanda in 2013. Our 50+ staff currently serve 550 students across two campuses in Rwanda – our flagship campus in Kigali, as well as a second campus in the Kiziba refugee camp in Western Rwanda, where we serve refugee learners.

The future: Kepler has an ambitious new strategy for the next five years, which will include launching in two new countries; expanding our academic offerings; partnering with other public and private sector universities, and reaching a new level of organizational sustainability.


About the Role:

In October 2019, Kepler launched a 3-month pilot to explore some teaching innovations with bigger class sizes. The aim of this project was to identify ways to innovative teaching practices to serve more students while maintaining our high quality.  

Based on the success of the above-mentioned pilot, we are now looking for another group of 6 Senior Learning Assistants (SLAs) to teach for a period of 6 months starting in March. The SLAs will responsible to teach modules related to either of the following content:

  • Communications: 2 positions
  • Technology: 2 positions
  • Analytical and computation skills (Math, Statistics, Finance, Accounting, etc): 2 positions

The SLAs will help in all aspects of the class including running class sessions, identifying struggling students and offer them support in small groups,  and be involved in grading student work. The SLAs will also help with tracking data about student progress and participation in their respective modules and will report to their assigned Lecturer/Assistant Lecturer(s).

Job Responsibilities:

  • Set up the classroom before the module/interventions/remediations start
  • Facilitate sessions in the 2 assigned modules in your content mentioned (note that the SLA may be assigned a module in a different content based on need)
  • Track attendance and monitor tardiness
  • Regularly track data about teaching practices used and impact on student performance
  • Document the successes and challenges identified through the use of particular teaching practices and strategies used to mitigate them
  • Run small group discussions (workshops)
  • Use Canvas to create and grade assignments, quizzes, discussion board, etc
  • Identify and support struggling students in small groups (during class time or other out of class interventions such as office hours, 1:1 meetings, etc)
  • Attend planning meetings and academic PDs
  • Other duties as assigned by supervisor
  1. Qualifications & Eligibility
  • Strong academic performance
  • Demonstrated passion for education
  • Senior student (further advanced in CfA with 100+ competencies in the BA and successfully completed all module requirements)
  • Ability to work 35 hours/week while successfully managing SLA responsibilities and academic requirements as a student (if applicable)
  • Commitment to completing  the internship for 6 months
  • Strong typing skills (50 WPM or above)
  • Functional knowledge and/or personal experience with technology: Microsoft Suite, Google Drive, and Google Chrome
  • Familiarity with the use of the Canvas Learning Management System
  • Ability to keep student information confidential
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and outstanding moral judgment
  • Demonstrated ability to be strict with students while keeping a positive rapport
  • Effective communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Critical thinker and detail-oriented
  • Creative/critical thinker and effective and tech-savvy manager 


Preferred Qualifications and Experience:

  • Experience as a TA/SLA or LA or at Kepler 
  • Fresh graduates are highly encouraged to apply


Compensation: This is a professional internship. Therefore, there is no salary or other benefits associated with it. However, Kepler will provide a facilitation fee equivalent to Rwf 150,000/month to cover transport and communication for the intern to accomplish his/her tasks.


  1. Applicants must specify which content they are qualified to teach among the 3 listed above and mention specific evidence of their qualifications.
  2. Selected candidates who still live in student housing will be required to leave housing for privacy reasons.
  3. The start date is March 2, 2020. Candidates who are not ready to start immediately may not be considered.


To apply: Fill this {Form} not later than Thursday, February 20, 2020, at 5 pm.

For any questions regarding the position, please contact: Jean Pierre Mutambarungu, Dean of Faculty at