Internship Title/Role: Lake Bunyonyi Passion Fruit Project/Business — Global Livingston Institute (GLI)

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2020 Internship Project Pathways Deck 

About Global Livingston Institute (GLI): The Global Livingston Institute (GLI), is a research and education-based nonprofit organization committed to educating students and community leaders on innovative approaches to international development and empowering awareness, collaboration, conversations and personal growth. GLI is committed to improving communities globally. 

When we took our first group of students to Uganda and Rwanda in 2009, we could have never imagined that we would host hundreds of travelers, partner with the people of Kabale, Uganda to form a unique hybrid of job creation, education, and community development at the Entusi Resort and Retreat Center on Lake Bunyonyi, or host the largest, free music festival in East Africa. 

We continue to be inspired by the idea that if we bring the right people to the table, work collaboratively, and think big and differently, we can shift the dialogue surrounding international development and create lasting positive change to communities both at home and abroad. 

That is where our interns come in! 





Internship Title/Role: Lake Bunyonyi Passion Fruit Project/Business 

Program Area(s): Agriculture 

Internship Job Description: The passion fruit project was started at the Entusi Model Farm to implement a similar model like what was being used by KadAfrica in Fort Portal. In brief, this was supplying seedling to farmers, teaching them the appropriate methods of farming and helping them sell their products. There has been mixed success in harvests, sale of products and making farmers start their own sustainable passion fruit businesses. We need someone that is conversant with the above field to help strengthen project 

Estimated Hours per week: 20 

Timeline: 1-2 months (Anytime between February – September 2020) 

Point of Contact(s): Raymond Bokua (Entusi), Thomas Byonanebye (Entusi) 

Location: Lake Bunyonyi, Uganda 

Application Deadline: April 1, 2020 

Costs: Need to cover own Lodging, food, transport 

How to Apply: E-mail with your CV/Resume and cover letter or brief e-mail introducing yourself, and outline interest for applying for the specific internship position(s). 

REQUIRED In Email Subject Line, enter: RE: GLI INTERNSHIP APP: (Insert Internship Title/Role Here) 

Please be patient with us as we review and respond to your application! If you are a good fit for the role(s), you will receive a follow-up and be connected via email to the stated Internship Project POC(s) for an interview.