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Work-Study Description

Kepler is looking for 4 work-study students to serve as Assistant Librarians. This work-study position requires a commitment of 10 hours per week on average for a period of 6 months.  The Librarian will work very closely with the Kepler staff in charge of the library to control lending and returning of books as well as support students in the use of the online library. 

  1. Work-study responsibilities

The Assistant Librarian will be in charge of the following: 

  • Control the process of lending and returning of books and tablets
  • Identify and replace missing books
  • Identify needs to buy new books
  • Encourage Kepler students to read/write books
  • Encourage the Kepler community to use the online library
  • Organize books so they are easily accessible
  • Ensure proper arrangement of books
  • Develop a system for checking books in and out 
  • Write a monthly report about both physical and  online libraries 
  • Other duties as assigned by the supervisor
  1. Qualifications, Eligibility & Skills
  • Detail-oriented
  • In good academic standing (must be maintained throughout the job)
  • Good communication skills
  • Creative/critical thinker
  • Good time management skills
  • Is able to collaborate with others
  • Good at time management
  • Ability to type 50 WPM is a plus
  • A student from cohort 2019b.
  • Must not have another work-study position

To apply: 

Apply for this position  not later than by March, Friday 05th March, 2021, at 5 pm.

Application Form 

NB:  Address your cover letter to  Christian Shema Nsenga  

For any questions regarding the position, please contact:

Jane Kayihunga, HR Assistant and Admin Manager  at