Kepler Greeter Position

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Work Study Description


Kepler is looking for 2 students to serve as Kepler Greeters. This work-study position requires a commitment of 10 hours per week. The primary role of a Kepler greeter will be to sit in the reception office and help receive visitors who arrive. The Kepler Greeter will have the following duties and skills: 

  1. Job responsibilities
  • Provide directions to visitors
  • Help visitors feel welcome at Kepler
  • Answers questions from visitors
  • Coordinate with the cleaning staff to ensure the Reception is clean and presentable
  • Help schedule for when volunteers are coming and help them get set up
  • Be available to file and coordinate office administrative tasks
  • Other duties as assigned by the supervisor
  1. Qualifications, Eligibility & Skills
  • Detail-oriented
  • In good academic standing (must be maintained throughout the work-study)
  • Must not have a work-study
  • Good communication skills
  • Creative/critical thinker
  • Good at time management
  • Students from cohort 2017 and 2018


To apply: 

Submit a CV and your Application Letter in the following folder. Name your CV as “first name. Last name. CV” and “first name.last name. AY schedule.” 

Note: The schedule should show the courses you take only (i.e.: your busy time). Submit your applications in this folder [Kepler Greeters Application 2019] by Friday, 30 August 2019.

For any questions regarding the position, and eligibility, please contact:

Jane Kayihunga, at