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Communications Intern

Communications Committee, Connected Learning in Crisis Consortium

Internship Description

The Connected Learning in Crisis Consortium, of which Kepler is a member, works to coordinate and support the provision of quality higher education in crisis contexts. It does this by establishing good practice and disseminating knowledge and evidence, among other activities. It is comprised of 23 members, including universities, NGOs, and international organizations.

The CLCC is looking for a student to serve as a Communications Intern during a period of 3 months. This internship position requires a commitment of 10 working hours per week on average and is paid a stipend of 30,000 rwf per month.  The Communications Intern will have the following responsibilities:

Intern responsibilities

  • Manage the CLCC twitter feed by writing and scheduling tweets using the Hootsuite platform and re-tweeting appropriate content
  • Obtaining appropriate images and video clips for tweets, ensuring correct copyright attribution and utilizing the Refugees Media portal
  • Collecting and organizing content for the Twitter feed, Yearbook and Newsletter
  • Updating the CLCC website using WordPress as directed
  • Obtaining and editing promotional video clips from each CLCC member
  • Editing all public-facing text for English accuracy
  • Liaising with CLCC members in a professional manner, as needed

 Qualifications, Eligibility & Skills

  • Excellent time management skills
  • Ability to communicate in a professional manner
  • Proficiency with Twitter, Whatsapp, and other social media
  • Strong command of English
  • Strong command of Microsoft Office Suite and Google Drive applications
  • Experience with WordPress
  • Familiarity with Hootsuite and/or Lightworks or similar (desired)
  • In good academic standing (must be maintained throughout the job)
  • Eligible for an internship (according to your campus policies)
  • Not currently employed or completing another internship/workstudy position

To apply:

  1. Complete this form by [8 march 2019]: Communications Intern Position

For any questions regarding the position, please contact:

For questions regarding eligibility, please contact for the Kigali campus or for Kiziba campus.