Kepler Kiziba Operations Assistant

| Kepler

About the Position

 Kiziba Operations Assistant generally works to support the Kiziba Operations Fellow. The most important responsibilities of Kiziba Operations Assistant include but are not limited to managing the Kepler Kiziba lunch program, campus facilities, and financial documents organization.

Work Study Opportunities

  1.  Manage the Kepler Kiziba Classrooms and kitchen inventories
  2. Coordinate Kepler Kiziba Kitchen activities
  3.  Facilitate cooks to follow the lunch menu
  4.  Oversee food preparation, and kitchen safety and hygiene
  5.  Assist Kiziba Operations fellow to manage the procurement process of Kitchen materials, foodstuffs, and other campus materials
  6.  Coordinate campus hygiene activities
  7.  Help students to accurately complete finance request forms
  8.  Follow up with both students and staff to collect receipts and vouchers and submit them to Kepler Kiziba Operations fellow
  9.  Accurately bind finance documents together so they can be taken to Kigali
  10.  Help both students and staff to understand and apply finance policies
  11.  Suggest changes or improvements that would increase accuracy, efficiency, and cost reductions.
  12.  Other tasks/ responsibilities as assigned by supervisor


 Must demonstrate:

  1. High level of Microsoft Excel skills,
  2. High level of English language skills,
  3. Problem-solving skills
  4. Excellent time management,
  5. Exceptional work ethic
  6. Ability to pay attention to details
  7. High-Level understanding of Kepler Finance policies


 We are looking for candidates who can commit to occupying the position for 6 months. Therefore, if you accept this work-study position, you will not be able to leave for an internship or other employment during your work-study without being in breach of your contract. Please think about your year-long plan before applying. Reach out to your advisor or another CF if you’d like some help with this.

 How to Apply

To Apply: Complete this form,  no later than May 28th, 2021. If you have questions about the qualifications or job description, please do not hesitate to reach out to or