Kepler Social Media Coordinator position

| Kepler

Work-Study Description

Kepler is looking for a work-study student to serve as a Social Media Coordinator. This work-study position requires a commitment of 15 hours per week on average for a period of 6 months.  The Social Media Coordinator will work very closely with the Kepler staff in charge of admissions and communication to prepare and post information on Kepler’s social media platforms based on events and activities taking place. They will also be invited to take photographs of selected events that Kepler wants to feature. The Social Media Coordinator will be in charge of the following: 

Work-study responsibilities

  • Create posts for social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn 
  • Organize and archive Kepler photos and videos 
  • Conduct interviews with students for social media content 
  • Provide administrative support to our local partners such as placing orders for flyers 
  • Respond to comments on social media accounts 
  • Take photographs, video recordings, and conduct interviews, at Kepler events 
  • Manage photos and video content that depict the work of Kepler, name and sort this content for storage on Kepler’s online storage database 
  • Assist in developing the bi-weekly staff newsletter 
  • Assist in managing media houses on or off-campus during events 
  • Other duties as assigned

Qualifications, Eligibility & Skills

  • Adequate progress on CfA
  • Detail-oriented
  • Outstanding moral and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to use a camera to take pictures of good quality 
  • In good academic standing (must be maintained throughout the job)
  • Strong communication skills especially writing skills
  • Creative/critical thinker and effective and tech-savvy manager
  • Ability to network
  • Must not have another work-study position
  • Good at time management
  • Ability to type 50 WPM is a plus
  • A student from cohort 2018, 2019A, and 2019B.

To apply: 

Submit your cover letter and CV into the  folder below by Tuesday August  4, 2020 at 5 pm


NB:  Address your cover letter to Samuel Ntaganira (Upload file names as: first name. Last name. Cover letter ). For any questions regarding this position, contact