Kiziba Financial Services Evaluation Project with Leaf Fintech Rwanda

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Leaf Fintech Rwanda is a company that provides digital financial services to refugees and limits the need to carry cash across borders. Cash puts refugees at risk of violence and theft in addition to being inconvenient and expensive. Leaf can offer the secure storage and transport of assets across borders through a USSD app using blockchain technology without exposure to the volatility of cryptocurrency. With Leaf, refugees have increased access to funds and become less dependent on host countries and foreign aid. Leaf has completed pilot tests in Gisenyi and interviewed over 300 refugees to better understand the challenges refugees face while crossing borders with cash.


Help Leaf evaluate the opportunities of providing savings and money transfer services to refugees in the Kiziba refugee camp.

Key Activities

  • Research and develop a list of all the mobile money and financial service providers in Kiziba (banks, microfinance institutions, money transfer service providers, mobile money providers, SACCOS, etc.)
  • Interview approximately 40-50 people about what financial services they use (Leaf will provide a list of potential interview questions)
  • Estimate the number of people using smartphones in the camp and, if possible, interview those with smartphones to see if/how they are using financial applications (such as Spenn, and the Western Union app)
  • Evaluate the types of formal and informal businesses in Kiziba and how customers pay for goods (cash, mobile money, credit, etc.)
  • Document how refugees in Kiziba use the cash assistance program with UNHCR and WFP to understand how the money is spent and where
  • Research common methods of receiving money in Kiziba, both domestically and internationally (mobile money, Western Union, etc.)


  • Present findings every two weeks on a video call with the leadership of Leaf.
  • Draft a final report of the financial services available to refugees in the Kiziba camp and how people use the services.
  • Identify and list any challenges that refugees have in accessing or using the current services available. Outline any services that refugees are requesting but do not currently use.


The project will last for 60 days but may be extended as needed by Leaf as needed.


Leaf shall provide 30,000 rwf per month with an additional 5,000 rwf per month in airtime, travel, and data expenses.

Desired Skills and Experience

Ideal candidates will have excellent communications skills in English, familiarity with conducting primary research, background in business or statistical analysis.

Candidates must be comfortable working and interacting with the Kiziba refugee community and capable of gaining access to the Kiziba camp.


This is a camp based internship, and it has a slight potential to turn into a full-time job. It is also open to students who have already done an internship, but they should commit for the full period of 2 months.
To Apply: Upload your resume and a cover letter { here } by 22nd April 2019. A resume and a cover letter should be in portable document format (PDF).
If you have questions about the qualifications or job description, please do not hesitate to reach out to or