Logistics Coordinator- Storykast

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StoryKast Logistics Coordinator – Job Description

We are looking for a Logistics Manager to join our Creative Hub to participate in various bureaucratic and logistic tasks.

StoryKast is a video production and photography company that crafts visual stories of brands in marketing as well as in advertising. Our creative team fuses branding goals and the artistry of videos to deliver expertly-crafted content. 

The logistics manager we are looking for is an organized person who will follow through any project and do all possible to have it finalized. The logistics manager will be working closely with the Creative Director. 


  • Preparing budgets, keeping track of logistics on all on-going projects.
  • Design internal and clients project life cycles to guide the creative team towards completing them.
  • Preparing regular reports on ongoing projects and the team in general. 
  • Allocates tasks to the creative team, and hires free-lancers with the approval of the Creative Director.
  • Performs clerical duties, including, but not limited to, mailing and filing correspondence. 
  • Takes meeting minutes, and forms among other documents
  • Maintains accurate records and enters data as required
  • Conducts research and compiles data regarding the growth of StoryKast and advise accordingly.
  • Interacts with clients when necessary and keep them informed on ongoing projects 
  • Assists in following up on client accounts
  • Maintains financial database records
  • Maintains stock of supplies by anticipating work requirements, ordering and distributing work necessities (disks, batteries, etc…) where necessary
  • Answers customer questions
  • Performs additional duties when required. 

Professional experience and skills

  • An awareness of current trends in videography
  • Reporting and data analytics 
  • People management
  • A self-starting attitude and an open outlook on the creative world
  • Resilience under pressure and against deadlines
  • An understanding of how creative roles complement other departments, such as finance and data management
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills. 

Working hours

Working hours are usually between 8 am to 7 pm, although evening hours and staying late are a big part of making sure that the job is delivered.

People majoring in logistics and operations are encouraged to apply by filling out this form. People with poor application documents will not be considered during the selection process. You are advised to reach out for feedback support ahead of time.