Multiple Professional Internships positions at  ASYV 

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ASYV is looking to hire interns to work for different internship opportunities. Do you have a passion for education and looking to contribute your skills to a good cause. Please find listed opportunities below and click on each to see which one you might be interested in.

  1.  {Librarian and administrative assistant intern}.
  2.  {IT Intern}
  3. {Teacher Assistant in Python}
  4. {Media Centre Intern}
  5. {Inventory and assets management}
  6. {Teacher assistant in Economics}
  7. {Public Health Intern}.

Please review the above-listed job descriptions before you can make a decision on which internship you want to apply for.  If you are interested in applying for any position please apply by completing this form before November 25, 2019.


  1. Only graduates and students with at least 90 competencies are allowed to apply as these internships require people to work fulltime.
  2. These are very competitive internships, so, we encourage everyone to pay attention to their application files. 

For any question or concern, reach to the careers team at