Preparation Program (Iteme) Operations Assistants (OAs) /Work-study

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Work-study /Internship job  description

Preparation Program (Iteme) Operations Assistants (OAs) will support all operations needs for classes for secondary school graduates interested in pursuing tertiary education programs.  This is a work-study position, which will follow work-study policies for compensation depending on the campus you attend. *Note: During the program implementation, this position has a higher compensation (Rwf 50,000 a month). The position will require 10-12 hours of work per week and a few more hours in preparation and coordination.  When you apply, you may specify the site where you are interested in working.  For more details about the preparation programs, please read here.

  1. Duties include:
  • Manage tablets used in classes; including repairs, inventory, electrical charging, and troubleshooting
  • Coordinate daily transportation, food, and lodging (depending on site) for teaching assistants and yourself
  • Manage receipts, invoices, and emergency cash supply for your assigned site
  • Collaborate with other TAs, program coordinator, and partner staff to problem solve and implement solutions around classrooms, technology, and student issues
  • Maintain accurate and up to date records of all finance and operations elements
  • Manage and organize classroom teaching materials; including ensuring the security of tablets and tracking/ordering of needed supplies following operations procedures
  • Manage and organize classroom furniture, ensuring learning spaces are prepared in advance of classes
  • Support with educating people about and promoting the Kepler brand; including greeting visitors and serving as a Kepler ambassador
  • Participate in trainings
  • Support teaching assistants with classes, including teaching, as needed
  • Other duties and tasks by supervisor


  1. Qualifications & Eligibility:
  • Ability to commit to position from mid-August through December 2019
  • Strong academic performance 
  • Be a Kepler student from Kigali or Kiziba campuses in cohort  2017.
  • Demonstrated ability to maintain monthly CfA progress of 8 competencies  per month for BA
  • Must have completed JRC.
  • Interest in the field of education and a desire to learn pedagogical strategies
  • Ability to work independently and creatively problem solve
  • Shouldn’t have other paid employment  (unless willing to leave if hired for this position)


Preparation Program Work-study/Internship positions will follow this timeline for the AY 2018/2019:

Application Deadline:  August 10th

Interviews : August 13th

Hiring Decisions: August 16th

Trainings: August 21-23rd

Prep Program Dates:  September through December 2019.


If you accept a work-study position, you will not be able to leave for another internship or other employment without being in breach of your contract.  Please think about your year long plan before applying. Reach out to your advisor or another CF if you’d like some help with this.


To Apply: Complete this form by Saturday, August 10th, 8pm. If you have questions about the qualifications or job description, please do not hesitate to reach out to