Running for Student Government Association (SGA)

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Starting from 2015, Kepler has established Student Government Association (SGA). Its purpose is to represent the student voice at Kepler, to contribute to the improvement of Kepler University Program, and to represent the student body on and off Kepler campus in community activities. SGA is elected by the student body.

This year, election will occur in November 2018. The current SGA in collaboration with the Associate Academic Campus Director are searching for passionate candidates who wish to represent student body for the Academic Year 2018-2019.

Below are criteria for eligibility:

According to SGA Bylaws, Article III, section 3, titled Eligibility and Qualification, to serve as a member of Kepler SGA, you need to meet the following criteria:

  1. Candidate must be a student accepted in Kepler University Program as a full time student
  2. Candidates must be available to represent themselves in committee meetings and organized activities.
  3. Candidate must be willing and committed to serve the Kepler student body.
  4. Candidate must be able to work as a team rather than individuals.
  5. Candidate must be able to communicate well using the available and possible means of communication on time. (eg. emails, face to face meetings, etc.)
  6. Candidate must be in good academic standing. (No class failure and no academic policy violations)
  7. Candidate will be role models for other students during their term of office. They must follow policies as stated in Kepler Students Handbook.
  8. Candidate must be capable and ready to follow and abide with SGA bylaws as stated. Β 
  9. To run for President and Vice-President positions, a candidate must have completed one full year studying in Kepler University Program and meeting the previous requirements as others. This year, these two positions are only open to students in cohort 2017.
  10. Cohort 2015 students can only apply to be cohort representatives and must commit to attend some of the meetings

Step 1:

Review the SGA Bylaws

Review the Student Government Constitution to ensure you are eligible to seek election and that you understand the election process and the responsibilities held by each position. This includes GPA requirements (2.5 for Senators, 3.0 for Executive Board Members/graduate students), judicial history, full-time students, and all students who have paid their student activity fee.

Click here to view the Kepler SGA Bylaws.

Step 2:

Complete The Written Application

This application should take you approximately 20 minutes to complete. Please be advised that you will be asked to submit information about your campus involvement and why you are fit to represent the student body. The information entered will be used for official election documents and will be posted both online and around campus.

Click here to complete the application.

Applications are available Thursday, November 1st at 10:00AM

Applications are due Monday, November 5th at 3:00PM

Step 3:

Mark your calendar

Below are important dates regarding elections.

Thursday, November 1st applications are available at 10:00AM

Monday, November 5th applications are due by 3:00PM

Monday, November 12th Election form is available

Tuesday, November 13th Election form is due

Friday, November 16th mandatory New Member Orientation from 3:30-5:00 PM