Strada Digital Internship Description

| kepler

Supervisor: Pam Tate

About Strada:

Strada Education Network℠ is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to improving lives by catalyzing more direct and promising pathways between education and employment. We engage partners across education, nonprofits, business and government to focus relentlessly on students’ success throughout all phases of their working lives. Together, we address critical college to career challenges through strategic philanthropy, research and insights, and mission-aligned affiliates — all focused on advancing the universal right to realized potential we call Completion With a Purpose®.

Job Description:

Foundation Relations for Affiliates.

  • Identifies relevant national and regional funders in collaboration with Strada’s new grant support team (Jill Kramer and Tom Dawson), and develops relationships with them on behalf of specific Strada affiliates (RTN, InsideTrack, CAEL, Education at Work, and DXtera).
  • Works with Strada affiliates on strategies for appropriate balance among philanthropic or corporate grants, government grants or contracts, and revenue-generating sources of support.
  • Works with Strada affiliates to better align their programmatic strategies with funders that share their agenda and priorities, and assists affiliates in drafting proposals to funders, either individually or in partnership with other affiliates.
  • Works with affiliates on strategies to align Mission Advancement Fund dollars with proposals to external funders
  • Strada develop KPIs to measure effectiveness of Strada’s grant support function, and effectiveness of the affiliates’ fundraising efforts.
  • Serves on Mission Advancement Fund Committee to review proposals from affiliates for either grants or loans.
  • Support and counsel to incoming CAEL President to facilitate transition.
  • Collaboration with Strada’s Philanthropy and National Engagement unit to identify and evaluate effective strategies and grantees focused on adults’ learning, credentials and employability.
  • Help Strada’s Philanthropic and National Engagement unit identify and build relationships with innovative organizations and initiatives that advance adult learner completion and employability.
  • Advise Strada on how to inform and engage its colleagues in the Funders Forum regarding effective adult learning strategies worthy of investment and scaling.
  • Help Strada identify and build relationships with organizations that should be involved in Strada’s national engagement strategies to advance the success of adult learners. This should include opportunities to collaborate on research, speaking opportunities, joint projects and policy changes with organizations dedicated to advancing “completion with a purpose” for adult learners.
  • Helping to establish Strada as the leading authority on the 80 million adults who do not have a postsecondary credential.
  • Participation in Gallup Working Group to help determine questions for the Gallup team, and the content of the Gallup reports, that highlight the experiences and aspirations of US adults who do not have a college credential.
  • In collaboration with Strada’s communications team, develop the strategy to promote and disseminate Gallup reports on adults with no credentials to various organizations and policy makers across the country.
  • Build employer networks that are focused on learning and credentials for their front-line workforce, and help Strada engage with influential employers that are investing in the education of their workforce.

Since my own job is brand new, and no one has ever held it before, I will be developing the job as I go. I am looking for someone who can learn along with me and help me help Strada affiliate organizations. Some of the responsibilities of the intern in the early days will include:

  • Reviewing the websites of Education at Work and RoadTrip Nation, two of Strada’s non-profit affiliates, to get an understanding of what they do and what grant funding might be most useful to them; writing up what you have learned for my review.
  • Helping me research funder prospects for Strada affiliate organizations.
  • Reviewing the reports Strada has produced with the Gallup public opinion polling company and determining whether any of the work pertains to the adult learner who is returning to a college or university; writing summaries of these reports and their relevance to adult learners.
  • Identifying the grants that have been approved by Strada over the past 2-3 years and determining which of them pertain to working adults; writing summaries of these grant-funded projects for my review.
  • Learning about Strada’s national Talent Supply Chain project with the US Chamber of Commerce and what has been accomplished by this initiative; writing a summary of this initiative for my review.


  • SNHU student in good academic standing.
  • Excellent time management skills.
  • Good research skills.

Language Required/Preferred: English

Compensation: $30 per month

Application Instructions: Apply through SNHU jobs portal. Follow directions in [this file] to apply.