Student Building Manager Position

| Kepler

Work-Study Description

Kepler is looking for students to serve as campus building managers for an after-hours and weekend student study space. Student Building Managers will be responsible for opening and closing the student study space. This work-study role will require a commitment of 10 hours per week.  

  1. Duties will include:
  • Opening and closing the space at designated times
  • Ensuring the TV screens, electric fans, lights inside the classrooms are switched off before closing  
  • Ensuring water taps are closed properly before closing the study space
  • Monitoring the responsible usage of the space by all students
  • Reporting to the Facilities Coordinator  any damage or misuse of the property
  • Monitoring and replenishing classroom supplies, including but not limited to markers, flip charts, erasers, papers, etc. 
  • Perform other duties as assigned 
  • Updating the classroom materials and equipment inventory 
  1. Qualifications & Eligibility
  • Outstanding moral and interpersonal skills
  • Clear communication skills
  • Detail-oriented
  • Students from any cohort are eligible to apply
  • Demonstrated leadership and respect among peers and staff

To apply: 

Submit your Cover Letter into this folder by Friday, February 14, 2020: [Application Letter]

For any questions regarding the position, please contact:

Jane Kayihunga, HR Assistant and Admin Manager, at