Sustech4Africa busness competition: Call for the project

| kepler
Do you have a social enterprise that you want to scale up? Do you want to make your business more sustainable? Do you have an idea of new sustainable products or services? You want to elaborate on this but do not know where to start?
Through the “Sustainable Technology for Africa” (SusTech4Africa) competition, Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs (OVO), Chancen International, the Flemish Institute for Technological Research (VITO) and Thomas More University want to stimulate sustainable entrepreneurship in Africa.
SusTech4Africa helps companies and entrepreneurs to work out a complete business plan and give you the necessary tools to get started. What’s more, as a winner you also get a tailored social loan to make the investment and access to expertise during the term of
the loan. You can find here the description of the opportunity and you can also learn more about the opportunity here. The deadline for applying is July 06, 2019, interested people should apply as soon as possible.