The Hult Prize Competition is back at Kepler!

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The Hult Prize is the world’s biggest engine for the launch for good, for-profit startups emerging from university with over 2500 staff and volunteers around the world. In nearly a decade, the movement has deployed more than $50M of capital into the sector and mobilized more than one million young people to rethink the future of business as it continues to breed disruptive innovation on college and university campuses across 100! Countries. For more details about the Hult Prize please refer to this [document]and [website].

With that being said, the application to participate in the Hult Prize On Campus Competition at Kepler is now open. Please visit our [website] to access the application and register your team of 3-4 members.  In order to understand this year’s competition, find the detailed pdf version of the challenge [here]. You can also download it on our website.


The deadline for registering your team and developing your projects will be November 30th, 2018. On December 1st, the registered teams will be informed about the next steps. The day of the competition is December 7th at the Kepler Kigali Campus from 2 pm to 5 pm.


Questions about teams registrations should be directed to the following people: