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Kepler College has been established in Rwanda to offer affordable, scalable and competence-based higher education programs with best job prospects for graduates, ensuring a job for graduates being a key driver of everything being done at the College. The key aspect of Kepler College pedagogy is learning by doing with a primary focus on equipping students with 21st century transferable skills that make them stand out at the labor market. In this program, students will gain knowledge and  skills needed to succeed in today’s global economy. Particularly, Kepler College will graduate Project Managers who successfully initiate, plan, design, execute, monitor, control  projects to ensure they control risk and minimize uncertainty for profit maximization. Therefore, we’re looking for talented students from Rwanda and the East Africa region, with demonstrated leadership skills and an interest in business studies to join Kepler College. Students from vulnerable economic backgrounds and students with refugee status are encouraged to apply. At Kepler, we value diversity as a paramount aspect of growth, therefore, we do not discriminate against applicants based on gender, race, religion, physical abilities, social status, beliefs, culture and values.

Kepler College BA Degree in Project Management

The undergraduate program in Project Management contains courses/modules that equip students with project management competencies relevant to the 21st century labour market including project initiation, planning and execution. Project management is a broad subject. Most of the things students will do during their studies and later at work can be considered as a project. Knowledge and skills on project management will open a wide opportunity for employment as operations leader/manager, logistics leader/manager, project coordinator (manager, advisor, officer, support officer, administrator) office manager, PA manager, business analyst and liaison officer.

Admission Criteria

  • Two principal passes in National Examination (applicants who complete high school in Rwanda, equivalent for foreign students) in the following:

    • Basic education students must have an Advanced Certificate of Education Examinations with at least two principal passes with good grades in any of arts combinations with the following subjects: History, Economics, Geography, Literature in English, Mathematics and Accounting.

    • TVET students must have earned at least two principal passes in the National Professional and Technical Examinations in any of the following options: Accounting, Business Services, Tourism, and Hospitality

  • Students must pass entry examinations in English, Cognitive Skills, Critical Thinking at a level of 60% or above

  • Upfront payment or show commitment to repaying a student loan after securing employment. Refugees in Rwanda and people with disabilities get full scholarship when they pass the admissions tests. 

  • Secondary/high school scores (S4, S5 & S6)

  • Strong interest in Project Management

  • Strong English skills

  • Leadership skills

  • Valid national/refugee ID or passport 

  • Police clearance letter (international students only)

Admissions Timeline

  • Online Application Period:       CLOSED
  • Admission Entrance Exam:  July 21, 2023
  • Registration period: Aug 7 – 27, 2023
  • Admit Day: Aug 28, 2023
  • Orientation: Sep 4 – 8, 2023
  • Class Start: September 11, 2023

Online Application

  • Personal contact information, including phone numbers
  • Secondary/high school scores for the last three years ( S4, S5 and S6) with an average of 60% or above
  • National exam scores with  at least two principal passes in the subjects 
  • Brief responses about your interest and motivation for applying to Kepler College
  • An active email address

During the Admission Test

  • National ID or Passport
  • Ubudehe certificate (for Rwandans only)
  • S4, S5 and S6 reports (final three years of secondary school reports)
  • Secondary/High school certificate or National exam result slip 
  • National exam registration number/index.

Registration Requirements

  • Achieve at least 60% in the Kepler College Entry Exams
  • Notarized copy of your Secondary School Diploma or its equivalent recognized by Rwanda education regulatory agency  for international students
  • Parent/guardian and student need to attend an Admit Day event to understand the educational and financial commitment of attending Kepler College
  • Bank slip providing proof of payment  of 50,000 Frw for registration fees
  • Have a laptop and a smartphone or any device to connect to the laptop to access the internet ( NB. Kepler provides a laptop loan for students under full scholarship)
  • Accepted students will only be allowed to move in upon presenting the following:
    • Valid Mutuelle de Sante card or valid private health insurance card (for Rwandans only)
    • Valid police clearance letter and passport for student visa requirements (for international students only)

Additional Requirements

  • Durable backpack or messenger bag for securely carrying a laptop
  • Accepted students may choose to bring their own laptops but they will need to check with the Admissions team to meet the required computer specifications.
  • Bank account number (international students will have an opportunity to open a bank account during orientation week)

Tuition and Aid

  • For the upcoming intake, the annual tuition fee is 1,650,000 RWF for applicants within Rwanda, and 3,200USD for international applicants.This tuition covers access to modules, graduation and diploma fees, all Kepler academic support, internet access, student support services including nurse and counselor, events, etc.
  • Rwandan applicants may select a 100% deferred payment (choose to pay with an interest after graduation and securing a jobs)
  • International applicants can only pay upfront
  • In addition, all students who are accepted and choose to enroll at Kepler will be required to pay a 50,000 RWF registration fee to secure their spot.

Financial aid is available*

Women, refugees, people with disabilities and people from other diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply


Phone: + 250 (0) 78 977 3042 or + 250 (0) 78  263 7318

The Bachelor’s in Project Management was created in response to the serious challenges that Rwanda and many countries in Africa face in finding qualified graduates in project initiation, planning, appraisal, execution, monitoring and evaluation and closure.

Our degree is designed to equip students with competencies in project management that leverages technology. Project management knowledge and skills are  highly transferable skills and our degree will open doors to an exciting career with a great opportunity for growth. Graduates can work in diverse sectors as  project managers, team leaders, coordinators, supervisors, office managers, logistic managers etc.