Arnaud Thrives in Career After Graduation





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Do you have a way that you envision yourself after graduation? Our graduates start using skills and experience they obtained from Kepler to create changes in society.

Meet Arnaud Nibaruta, our Alumnus from cohort 2016, as he tells us about his journey after graduating from Kepler. Arnaud graduated in Healthcare Management in 2019 from Kepler in partnership with Southern New Hampshire University. Arnaud is now a reviewer at Southern New Hampshire University and one of the founding members of DotPharma, which is an online selling platform that delivers healthcare and personal care products.

Learn more about his journey after graduation through a Q&A session.

  • How would you describe your journey post-graduation?

I can’t describe my journey as easy or hard, but I am sure that it was a busy one. I was able to graduate while juggling between three different jobs. In 2017, I started my first job as an admission and Communication Assistant, work-study at Kepler. In 2018, I started an internship at Benefactor David clinic as a Communication Learning Intern and ended up getting the position of Development and Customer Relations Manager. In June 2019, I got a consultancy role at SNHU in the LRNG program that prepares students for college preparation and career readiness, which ended in September 2019 as I started my Master’s Degree at Regis University in Development Practice. As of now, I am working as an SNHU reviewer and working at DotPharma.

  • What Rwandan or African problem are you trying to solve with your expertise?

A difficulty that I want to solve with my expertise is access to products and information. I believe that for the healthcare system to work and develop, we should approach issues holistically. DotPharma is a solution to the issue of people not getting access to products and information. As Rwanda develops drastically in the use of the internet and technology, we have to leverage that to make products available and accessible; accompanied by relevant information regarding the use of those products. DotPharma educates, advises, and provides information that customers might need.

I believe that Healthcare is not a matter of treating only, but also the overall well-being of people in general. 

  • How did Kepler prepare you for your career?

Kepler exposed me to new opportunities like having to interact with different people with diverse backgrounds. In addition, Kepler gives you the empowerment of choice, where you get to choose to learn what you want. Kepler doesn’t limit you to one thing but enables you to learn more different things through a wide range of choices they provide.

Kepler provides different skills that can be applied in any field and help a person to perform in their jobs excellently.

Kepler helped me to think out of the box and gave me a continuous learning mentality. After graduating, I got to learn that Kepler prepared me to have a proactive and leadership spirit in everyday activities and different encounters.  

Kepler provided me with the ability to bring innovation using opportunities, networks, and the skills I have.

  • What advice can you give students in college?

Everyone is different in various ways, but when you have an end goal, challenges make success inevitable. Challenges will always be around, so you have to be strong, embrace changes and face the future head-on.

I would end up saying two things:

The importance of networking. Networking plays an essential part in our daily activities since through networking you can gain access to information that can change your life for the better. Furthermore, networking can help you get access to support, which can help you thrive in your career.

The importance of self-actualization. Life is full of opportunities that help us to grow, so my advice is to use those opportunities to learn new things because learning never ends, grab every opportunity you get, try to equip yourself with new things and skills.