How to Find A Mentor




Learn Easy Steps of Finding a Mentor

1. Define your Why 

Take some time to identify the areas you want to improve or a skill you would like to learn.

2. Be clear about your goals

Before you even think about asking someone to be your mentor, think about what you intend to gain from the connection. Consider why you’re looking for a mentor.

3. Look at your existing network

Start looking at the surrounding community. Your mentor might be closer than you think.

4. Reach out and establish a relationship

The majority of individuals prefer to strike up a discussion with a possible mentor and let the connection grow naturally. Why not inviting him/her to coffee and having a casual conversation with them about work and some of the challenges you’re facing

5. Make it easy for him/her

Be respectful of your mentor’s time by taking care of logistics(time, location, etc.)

6. Listen and show them you value their feedback

If your mentor advises you to attempt a new activity or read a book, show that you’re paying attention by informing them what occurred after you followed their advice, either by email or at your next meeting.

7. Know that the mentor will likely change your career

Over time, the people you choose as mentors will likely change according to where you are on your path and what you need most at that moment; don’t fight it, embrace it.