Kepler Alumni Featured as SNHU’s August Volunteer Honoree

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Source: Southern New Hampshire University | Orginal Article Link
Published: August 2018

Sylvain Nayituriki ’16

Get to Know Our August 2018 Honoree

Sylvain led our first international Global Days of Service project in Kigali, Rwanda this past April. He continues to inspire SNHU students and alumni through his involvement and drive to make his community better for all. His SNHU experience helped him develop leadership skills that he employs today as a volunteer. Hear in his own words why he continues to give back.

What inspires you to volunteer at SNHU?

I have been inspired by the mission of the university, which is to transform the lives of students. It was great to see how my colleagues and I benefited from SNHU and the ways our lives were changed. It is our turn to impact the different communities we live in. I have also been inspired by completing a leadership training program and being an inducted member of the National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS). This leadership program aims to build leaders who make a better world. Volunteering with SNHU was part of my ambition to make a better world for people in need. Inspiration from renowned speakers and broadcasts from the program also encouraged me to volunteer at SNHU.

What do you enjoy most about volunteering at SNHU?

I enjoy seeing the commitment of every SNHU community member to impact the community. Additionally, I enjoy seeing the generosity of alumni and other volunteers towards the cause and appreciation of the people who receive support. It is always good to touch the lives of other people, find additional resources here. Success is reflected in helping others reach the next level in their lives.

What results have you seen from your efforts?

I have definitely seen the result of my efforts. I have been able to organize my fellow SNHU alumni and students for a cause that benefited the community. I was able to coordinate a healthcare project in which alumni gathered their efforts to provide hygienic materials and other necessities that helped 60 women with fistula complications and pediatric patients at one of the hospitals in the community. It was my pleasure to see happy faces from patients who were able to receive the support. We wish we could have reached many more patients.

Did anything unexpected happen as a result of your volunteer activities?

Yes, we had a big number of people who needed our support, but we could not reach everyone. Additionally, sometimes it could be difficult for hospitals to approve our visit as they could not easily identify us. We wish we could have more materials such as SNHU T-shirts, bandana, financials, and any other materials that could support our cause.

Will you continue to volunteer at SNHU? Why?

Yes, I will continue to volunteer at SNHU because I value volunteering and helping others. Volunteering is an opportunity for alumni and students to get together for a cause. I am grateful for the SNHU community which has become part of my family.