Kepler Kiziba Teaching Staff Flex Their Knowledge in Year-End HEA Action Research Presentations

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By Chrystina Russell
Source: Humanitarian Education Accelerator | Orginal Article Link
Published : June 27, 2018

Through the generous support of HEA, Kepler Kiziba staff members were able to engage in a rigorous year-long process of understanding and subsequently applying action research to their classrooms. On June 22, 2018, Kepler’s CEO, VP of Academic Affairs, Director of Refugee Education, Chief Operating Officer, SNHU staff, and other community members participated in the HEA action research presentations.

Dr. Jacqueline Pryce-Harvey led the Kiziba staff through the theoretical and practical applications of action research through three separate visits to Rwanda over the school year and individualized Skype sessions. Kepler Kiziba staff members each chose an individual area of action research to implement and track in their classrooms throughout the year. Topics focused on supporting pregnant learners, the motivation behind engaging in Kepler modules for learning, the role of regular and continuous assessments in improving English writing skills, and the comfort (or not) of female learners in the classroom.

Each staff member began his or her presentation with a theory of action, followed by explaining the steps taken to test the theory through continuous data collection, analysis, and observation in the classroom, check for more tinkering parts Kepler Kiziba staff members concluded their presentations with suggested next steps to improve the learning experience of their students, both at the current size and with consideration of the program growing to a larger scale. The presence of Kepler leadership meant that the HEA action research process was able to directly impact the understanding of the student learning experience through their presentations.

Each action research presentation was followed by a lively Q & A and discussion of the findings. Overall, Kiziba staff members first felt challenged by the action research process but were ultimately empowered by the experience of applying and synthesizing the research findings in their presentations.  Kepler and SNHU look forward to continuing to digest the findings to inform program improvement for scale!