Kepler prepares for fifth Kigali cohort and Kiziba third cohort

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Kigali: This week, acceptance notifications will go out to 160 applications to make up the fifth Kigali cohort, Cohort 2017, student will begin classes in June 2017, according to a press statement from Kepler University.

Kepler opened its second branch in Kiziba refugee camp in partnership with UNHCR, MIDIMAR and college for America at Southern New Hampshire University in August 2015. The third cohort of Kiziba students will also start in June 2017.

As part of our work increasing access to higher education, we conducted admissions tests throughout Rwanda as well as countries in the region. We also expanded our program offerings to students in refugee camps in Rwanda. This was done in partnership with UNHCR and MIDIMAR. We operated prep program in there refugee camps namely Gihembe, Kiziba and Mahama.

The preparation programs are designed to increase English language fluency and critical thinking skills to enhance applications to higher education programs, whether it’s Kepler or otherwise.

“Part of our mission is to increase access to high quality higher education opportunities.

By providing prep programs that will build the skills that make university applicant successful, we hop to provide many more students with access to a bright future. Our partnership have allowed us to offer more prep programs this year as we hope to continue this work on a broader scale next year”, said Carries Ellet, Acting CEO and COO of Kepler.

We will host accepted students for the Kigali cohort and their caregivers at the Kigali campus on Friday, March 24 for our annual Admit Days event. This event places at the Kepler premises in Kimironko, Kigali.

Despite reports in July 2016 and March 2017, Kepler has no current plans to open a second refugee branch in Mahama refugee Camp. We encourage all media outlet running this report to cease immediately and correct the statements.

About generation Rwanda

Generation Rwanda is an INGO that began its work in 2004. The program initially offered full scholarship to detuned attending university. In 2013, generation Rwanda launched Kepler, a program that offers students the opportunity to earn a US Bachelor’s degree though College for American at south News Hampshire University while studying in Rwanda. Fort the 2016-17 academic year, we have more than 400 students at two branches-Kigali and Kiziba refugee camp in Western Rwanda.