Kepler remembers for the 27th time





11 – May – 2021- In the spirit of commemorating the  the victims of the Genocide Against the Tutsi, our students together with staff visited the Kinyinya Memorial Centre, where over 400 Tutsi that were massacred in the 1994 genocide were laid to rest. In addition, an event was put together where we heard testimonies from the survivors, and skits, remembrance poems from the students. 

Remembering is very important for the youths, especially, because it helps them understand their country’s history, which will inspire them to collectively build the nation.

“ The Genocide Against the Tutsi is not an opinion and its denial shouldn’t be compromised by false freedom of speech. We need to keep the memory and clarity of the Genocide because our history is important and  we have the responsibility to preserve, defend it,” said Nathalie Munyampenda, the CEO at Kepler.

In addition to the memorial site visit, the students organized an afternoon of poems, skits, and even had a candle-lighting ceremony which signifies an everlasting memory for the victims. 

“The young people today are in luck because they are living in an era where their rights matter,” said ….., a Genocide Survivor. “They have unlimited, fair access to all basic needs and I would advise them to stay away from unnecessary things like drugs so that they can secure a better future.”

The event was also graced by Mr. Jean Damascene Gasanabo, the Director General of the National Commission for the Fight Against Genocide who had an interactive Q&A session with the students. According to the questions they asked, it can be confirmed that we can indeed look forward to a better Rwanda with our young people.

“I was very pleased to talk  to the Kepler students, staff and faculty. Their comments and questions showed that they are interested in learning more about genocide denial and genocide ideology and in challenging deniers,” he said.