Kepler Scholar Stays Active During School Break

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This summer Kepler Scholar, Gloria R., in Cohort 2017 interned at Cornerstone Development in Kampala, Uganda. Cornerstone is an international organization that operates in different African countries, with its headquarters located in Kampala. Cornerstone’s “core focus is on developing the cornerstones of Africa’s next generation.” Its ‘approach involves creating family-like environments in schools and other programs for underprivileged young people – while empowering them with education and character formation for them to become leaders.’

For her internship, Gloria worked in the Communications department. Her responsibilities were; updating and monitoring Cornerstone’s website and social media, traveling to program sites to write profiles of students at their schools, mentoring students, and writing articles for different magazines. One part of the experience she enjoyed was going on the program visits to meet the students. During the visits, she would share her academic experiences and learn more about the students in the programs. With a goal of working in Communications, this experience helped her gain skills related to her future career such as public speaking and media management. Kudos to Gloria!