Kepler Scholars making Kigali Green with ‘My Green Home’

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David Kinzuzi and partner, Rosette Muhoza, Kepler Scholars, won the Green Growth Innovation Award at the YouthConnekt Awards in Kigali, Rwanda on October 10th, 2018. My Green Home was born out of a class project on raising awareness of environmental sustainability issues. Through it, David seeks to develop efficient waste management and recycling services in Kigali and Rwanda, turning food waste into organic fertilizer and plastic into paving stones.

Realizing the impact of the project, David and Rosette, submitted their idea to Pitch Night. Pitch Night is a contest organized by Airtel and UNICEF Rwanda to encourage young entrepreneurs in Rwanda to submit business plans and project ideas that focus on addressing issues relating to education, health, and environment within Rwanda. Beating out 6 other teams David and Rosette’s idea won a cash prize of $5,000 which helped them kickstart their idea.

With their winnings, David and Rosette launched My Green Home as a company in June 2018. The company uses different innovative technologies to produce eco-friendly pavers, which are construction materials that are can be used to make sidewalks and parking lots. To make the pavers, melted plastic is mixed with sand and is then poured it into different molds. This process allows the company to provide their customers with a wide range of pavers with different shapes, sizes, colors, and designs.

Currently, David and Rosette have rented a working space in Kagugu, Kigali to conduct their business. As for next steps, the company is planning to design a machine that will help them pilot their idea and build prototypes for their project. By seeking out local partnerships they hope to achieve this goal within the next (can you enter a time frame if possible). Some current partners are Rwanda Environment Management Authority which is helping them with advocacy and technical support and UNICEF which is helping them with capacity and network building.

Their goal for the next six months is to pilot their project and have customers buy their products. With this step, David and Rosette hope to get customer feedback to help improve their product. In addition, they would like to build upon the partnerships they have already and seek others partners that will support our work.