Adeline Seneza




Adeline Seneza is the Sourcing & Outreach Senior Coordinator at One Acre Fund, a prominent nonprofit organization that sup- ports smallholder farmers in East Africa with the aim of reducing hunger and poverty. Since 2017, One Acre Fund has partnered with Kepler to find qualified candidates for internships and job opportunities. To date, they’ve hired more than 30 interns and 40 entry-level positions from Kepler, many of whom now hold leadership and management positions at the organization.

-“Kepler students are sharp. They’re very open, they’ve got confidence, and they’re very well-spoken. They also come with project management skills from Kepler, which they’re always striving to improve upon. And it’s easy to work with Kepler scholars, because they already know how to work on a team. I’d definitely say that Kepler prepares its students for the workforce; you can tell from their CVs and writing skills alone.” -Adeline