Elizabeth Kampire




“Iteme helps students leave the mindset of the impossible and enter the mindset of the possible,” explains African Leadership University (ALU) student and Iteme graduate Elizabeth Kampire who attended Iteme in 2019, after which she immediately landed a scholarship to ALU, where she now studies Global Challenges and Healthcare. The program develops professional competencies, like crafting a compelling CV, essay writing, networking, math, and English, as well as focusing on issues like gender equality and youth empowerment. Elizabeth also credits Iteme for her university preparedness; the program both aided her in scholarship applications, as well as prepared her for the rigors of higher education. She says she, “could write a book about how helpful Iteme was,” and that she found inspiration in her instructors, who were Kepler students from refugee communities themselves.

“That’s a big message for refugees in the camp, who maybe don’t believe they can make it to university. They see someone from their community who went to college, and that person comes back to teach them, encourage them, and help them access opportunities.” -Elizabeth