Our Team

Pierre Clement Cyemezo

Assistant Lecturer for ICT

Pierre Clement CYEMEZO is an Assistant Lecturer for ICT at Kepler after spending nearly a decade working in secondary schools as TVET Trainer, and Part-time Assistant Lecturer at the Christian University of Rwanda; Clement is proficient and expert in Data analysis and visualization, Web and Graphics Design, and then he knows truly how to direct and evaluate academic researches in data sciences fields. He is a holder of Bachelor’s degree of Science (Hons), Computer science with Education and QTS (Secondary) from Kigali Institute of Education, a Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology from Amity University Uttar Pradesh – India, and a Master’ degree in Science in Information Technology from University of Lay Adventists of Kigali; Also, he is a Microsoft Certified Educator for Technology Literacy for Educators – 21st Century Learning Design.