Our Management

Jean Pierre Mutambarungu

 Acting Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Academic and Research Affairs

Jean Pierre is the Acting Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Academic and Research Affairs at Kepler. He oversees all academic programs in Rwanda where he ensures the development of strong academic leaders and promotes a dynamic research culture. Additionally, his role is to build an outstanding academic experience for students and to deliver excellent academic and employment outcomes. Prior to his current role, Jean Pierre served as the Founding Dean of Faculty and held several other different roles before that including Academic Campus Director, Lead Course Facilitator, and Course Facilitator.
Since joining Kepler in 2013, Jean Pierre has developed and initiated a variety of projects such as establishing the academic advising team, developing systems and tools for effective student support, devising strategies and policies aimed at improving student readiness for the workplace, building and maintaining academic partnerships with other institutions, contributing to improving continuous professional development for the academic staff, and leading the development of the BA Project Management program for the accreditation of Kepler College.
Jean Pierre is passionate about innovative and disruptive education models that positively impact disadvantaged communities. Throughout his career, his work has involved teaching as well as development of academic programs and systems to improve student learning experiences among other things. He holds an MBA in International Business from Amity University and a Bachelor of Arts with Education from the University of Rwanda.