Our Management

Lauren Milewski

Senior Director of Learning and Design

Lauren Milewski is the Senior Director of Learning and Design at Kepler. She joined the Kepler team in 2014 as a curriculum designer and has worked to develop a competency-based curriculum for teaching professional competencies, English language, technology, and critical thinking. Her team currently supports and develops the Kepler academic staff to craft academic programs that are student-centered and rooted in the East African context. Lauren is committed to building a strong foundation program to teach transferable skills that will assist students to successfully transition from education to the workplace and become changemakers in their communities.

Lauren is also interested in helping teachers to improve their pedagogical practice in order to equip students to reach their full potential. She has created and run several professional development programs at Kepler to help teachers and managers evaluate and improve their pedagogical skills, including focuses on delivery of effective feedback, differentiation for students of different abilities, and innovative learning design. Her team’s current efforts focus on expanding capacity for excellent teaching and learning design at Kepler and at partner institutions.

Prior to joining Kepler, Lauren taught English literature and American culture at the Open University of Hong Kong through a Fulbright scholarship and taught and developed curriculum for middle school social studies and literacy in Brooklyn, New York. She completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Michigan with honors in English and Anthropology and holds a Master’s of Science in Teaching from Hunter College.