Meet Joseph Dusabe, as he walks us through his journey post graduation




Pursue your passion, It is worth it!

Are you passionate about something, and you keep telling yourself to pursue it? 

Meet Joseph Dusabe our Alumnus from cohort 2015, as he walks us through his journey post- graduation.

Joseph graduated in Business Communications in 2018 from Kepler in partnership with Southern New Hampshire University. In 2017, Joseph started the Itetero Iwacu Organization with a mission of creating an environment that favors an excellent physical, spiritual, and socio-intellectual growth of disadvantaged children from an early age. Itetero’s goal is to provide full access to quality education while advocating for proper nutrition and health, as well as train community residents on various welfare aspects.

In 2019, Joseph worked at Southern New Hampshire University’s Global Education Movement hub as an assistant reviewer, English lab editor, and tutor but later resigned to focus on his organization. Joseph started the organization with the vision of creating a school complex which would host 30 schools of excellence in every district of Rwanda. Kayonza district is where Joseph started by founding Itetero Bright Academy. 

Itetero Bright Academy started while supporting over 300 children, but due to the pandemic, now they are supporting 140 children. Itetero Iwacu organization still aims to support over 500 children.

What inspired you to start your organization?

I was inspired by my personal story because it involved children with vulnerable backgrounds in the community. 

When I was in primary and secondary, I struggled a lot. So I thought about many brothers and sisters in vulnerable communities who need support.

I was also inspired by the gap in our education system, child malnutrition issues, as well as the government’s efforts to address them. Therefore, I was committed to give my contribution to promote the quality of education, refine nutrition, and advocate for needy children in one way or another. 

How would you describe your journey post graduation?

My journey after graduation was challenging because I had to start looking for a job just like other graduates. Furthermore, working multiple jobs and running my organization required multitasking. I realized that delegating was not effective since the organization was still young and required my full attention. 

How has your experience at Kepler contributed to your journey after graduation?

My experience at Kepler was positively challenging because I got a chance to interact with students from different backgrounds who are open-minded, which helped me in my learning and improvement process. 

Kepler provided us with different entrepreneurship workshops where we could think deeply about what we wanted to do in the future.  Through series of workshops , I learned different professional etiquette that helped me through my tours across East Africa, Netherland, United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom while networking, learning and pitching for partner support.

What advice can you give students who want to make positive change in their communities?

I would advise them to focus on their passion rather than money. Students tend to focus on where the money is and ignore their passion. I believe that opportunities are found everywhere, even in one’s passion, so if they take time and try to do what they are passionate about, they will be able to see positive outcomes. For example, students should think beyond trends like IT and fashion but try agriculture and other forgotten fields.This way, the country will grow faster because no jobs will be ignored.